A Great Chinese Restaurant

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A young man, Yang Han Kook appears at a small Chinese restaurant in decline, Peking Ban Jeum. He is a son of the restaurant president, Han’s childhood friends, from China. The president Han made a promise to run one of the best Chinese restaurants with his friend, Han Kook’s father, after he learned how to make Jajangmyeon in China. He falls in his old memory, seeing the kitchen knife and a pot of Chinese soybean sauce in Han Kook’s hand. Han Kook determines to follow president Han’s dream. One day, Han finds that the head cook uses caramel and a chemical seasoning to make Chinese soybean sauce.
He is shocked at this fact and is ill in bed. He decides to close his restaurant. Mi Rae, Han’s daughter and a manager of the western restaurant, is also in dejection at this news. Han Kook leaves alone in the abandoned restaurant and determines to gather separated employees of the restaurant. They together do their best to restore Peking Ban Jeum. The restaurant gets to be popular again thanks to its delicious Jajangmyeon and other whole-hearted dishes.

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