Action Jackson


relationship with him. One day, Vishi, who frequently gets involved in fights, publically beats up a street gangster, who later seeks a revenge attack with his gang. The gangster and his gang brutally beat up Vishi, and easily escape the scene. It is then revealed that the person they had beaten is actually Vishi’s lookalike, Jay. On another occasion, a police inspector arrests Jay and hands him over to a group of gangsters led by Pedro (Ketan Karande). Jay single-handedly kills them all and is revealed to be a professional assassin and previous right-hand man of underworld criminal Xavier Fonseca (Anandaraj), nicknamed AJ. After AJ single-handedly rescued Xavier’s sister Marina (Manasvi Mamgai) from a bunch of kidnappers, Marina falls for Jay but he rejects her as he is married to Anusha (Yami Gautam).

Angered, Xavier tries to kill Anusha twice, which leaves her brutally injured. Jay then escaped to India and is in the process of getting her treated. When Vishi spots Jay, he reveals his identity and story to Vishi. Jay then requests Vishi to go to Bangkok disguised as AJ to fool Xavier and his sister; meanwhile AJ makes time to get his wife operated on, as she is expecting a baby. Vishi agrees to help and goes to Bangkok along with his friend Moosa (Kunaal Roy Kapur). Meanwhile, Insp. Shirke finds AJ’s lookalike and tries to inform Xavier but ended up murdered. The style of murder triggers suspection. Marina tortures Moosa to know the truth. He reveals that Vishi is the one who masqueraded as AJ. Xavier hatches a plan to bring AJ to Bangkok by kidnapping his wife,baby and lookalike and threatens to kill all three of them. It is revealed up that Vishi is actually in Mumbai and AJ and himself switched their places in the airport. AJ reaches the spot and kills all Xavier’s henchmen, Xavier himself and Marina. The film ends with AJ and Vishi meeting at airport and AJ advices Vishi to marry Khushi soon.

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