Ai No Kotodama 2 Sekai no hate made

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Konno Keiko’s popular boys love manga Ai no Kotodama (a.k.a. Words of Devotion) gets a second live-action film in 2010. The sweet story of two young men’s post-high school relationship troubles and triumphs was adapted for film in 2008 with Tokuyama Hidenori and Saito Yasuka in the leading roles. Two years later, the franchise offers a brand new story and new TeniPuri pairing in Ai no Kotodama 2 – Sekai no Hate Made. Again directed by Kaneda Takashi, the sequel stars Prince of Tennis Musical actors Uenobori Makoto and Kawai Ryunosuke (Itsuka no Kimi e – Zutto Soba Ni Itehoshi) as Hirofumi and Shinji, colleagues at the same advertising agency. Hirofumi works in IT, and Shinji is on the company’s elite fast track. The two start off completely on the wrong feet, but as time passes they find themselves falling for each other. Saito Yusaka also makes an appearance in Ai no Kotodama 2.

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