Armed Reaction II

Armed Reaction II (Chinese: 陀槍師姐 II; Jyutping: to4 coeng1 si1 ze2 II) is a 2000 Hong Kong modern cop drama produced by TVB. The drama stars Bobby Au-yeung and Esther Kwan as the main leads with Joyce Tang, Marco Ngai, Mimi Chu and Joe Ma in main supporting roles. Original broadcast of the series began on TVB Jade channel from May 29 till July 8, 2000 at 9:30-10:30 p.m. timeslot with 32 episodes total.
Armed Reaction II was produced due to high ratings and positive reviews from the first installment of Armed Reaction.
The girls with guns are back in Armed Reaction 2!
The original cast from 1998’s Armed Reaction returns for this popular sequel, which went on to become the second highest-rated TVB drama of the 1999-2000 season! The two tough policewomen of AR1 return, only to find more professional and personal problems. Now a sergeant, Chu So Ngo (Esther Kwan) encounters professional setbacks in her law enforcement career. She looks to fellow cop and boyfriend Chan Siu Sang (Bobby Au-Yeung) for support and a secure future – once he gets promoted, that is. The added pressure gets to Chen, and he find minor solace with Sum Yeo (Eileen Yeow), the beautiful girl next door. But what will Chen do when his neighbor throws herself at him?
Meanwhile, newlywed couple Sam Yuen (Joyce Tang) and Ching Fung (Marco Ngai) are experiencing difficulties. San Yuan gets transferred to the Special Unit, leaving Ching Fung alone at home. But the loneliness leads him to a drinking problem, and even infidelity! With their marriage disintegrating, Sam Yuen buries herself in her current case: a sex offender taxi driver on the run from the cops. But the emotional and professional turmoil could turn out to be too much for Sam Yuen…
The story takes place a few years from the first series.
Chu So Ngo (Esther Kwan) has been promoted to sergeant rank in the police but she encounters professional setbacks due to her new responsibilities. She depending on fellow cop Chan Siu Sang (Bobby Au-Yeung) who is now her boyfriend for support and a secure future,and hopes for him to get promoted soon. The two have plans for getting married. The added pressure of waiting for an promotion and So Ngo depending on him gets to Siu Sang, and he finds some breathing room with Sum Yeo (Eileen Yeow), his beautiful neighbor next door who he sees as a platonic friend. When So Ngo finds out that she can not have any more children and rethinks if she and Siu Sang should really get married. With all the added pressure in their relationship, both decide to breakup. Siu Sang finds relief in his next door neighbor Sum Yeo, who he dates briefly and get married to right away. While So Ngo starts a relationship with taxi driver Yeung Kwong Chiu (Eddie Cheung), who thinks she looks like his died wife.
Sam Yuen (Joyce Tang) and Ching Fung (Marco Ngai) are also experiencing difficulties in their new marriage when San Yuan is transferred to the Special Police Unit and concentrates more on her career then family, leaving Ching Fung alone at home. Feeling neglected by his wife Fung turns to drinking problem which leads to a one night stand with a stranger. With their marriage in jeopardy Sam Yuen further buries herself in her in her career putting all her concentration in her current case regarding a serial psycho sex offender taxi driver wanted by the cops. But when Sam Yuen gets in trouble when she becomes the psycho sex offender’s next victim, Ching Fung is there for her to help her heal.

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