Armor Hero (2009)


5000 years ago the ancient Chinese faced off with the dark forces of the Universe, creating radiant image stones bearing the power of elements – the Guǎng Yǐngshí – to ward off the evil. Thousands of years later, the evil force returns, and only the direct descendants of the original image stones can stop it…

Xin Nan, Bei Sen, Dong Sha, Xi Zhao, and Kun Zhong are the descendents of the fire village, the water village, the wood village, the metal village, and the earth village, respectively. Their bodies contain a mysterious gene. Under the use of the Guāng Yǐngshí, they will receive magical combat armors that have been passed down since the ancient times. With these armors, they will become the heroes of righteousness: Yán Lóng – Fire Dragon, Hèi Xī – Black Rhinoceros, Tiān Yīng – Sky Eagle, Xuě Aó – Snow Mastiff, and Dì Hǔ – Earth Tiger. As these heroes, they will fight against the Emperor of Darkness and his minions.
In order to disrupt the peace of the community, the evil ones used pollutants to create a Wǔrǎn shòu – pollution monsters which destroy the environment and the peace of the community.

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