Armor Hero Captor (2015)


In 2069, the super-intelligent computer zombie king used the composite body zombie to control the world and was resisted by humans. In order to rule the world and manage mankind, the super-intelligent computer dispatched the infinite monsters, robots, and all the zombies back in 2016 to collect humanity by perceiving the information code and provide it to the super-intelligent computer. In 2016, the person who was deprived of the perception information code became emotional, like a walking dead, and human society was miserable. Su Xiao Xiao, the victim, lost her memory and wandered in the city. Nangong Shinichi, who is full of enthusiasm and believes that as long as he works hard, he will succeed in taking in Su Xiao Xiao, and is determined to help Su Xiao Xiao retrieve her memory. In the process of searching for their memories, they were constantly attacked by dead puppets. With the help of his friend Lin Zhi Kai and others, Nangong Xin Yi got the armor system of the arresting general, and Nangong Xin Yi merged with the arresting general’s armor to beat the dead puppet. At the critical moment, a mysterious trapper appeared to help Nangong Shinichi. The clues show that the original zombie puppet and the Bawang Group are inextricably linked, and Su Xiao Xiao’s life experience also directly refers to the Bawang Group. In the face of many powerful enemies, Nangong Xin Yi has always adhered to his faith in justice and burning enthusiasm, and finally eliminated the dead puppet army, solved the major conspiracy, and finally rescued the urban crisis.

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