Baan Sai Tong Pojaman Sawangwong

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title : ??????????? / Baan Sai Tong Pojaman Sawangwon //// Golden Sand House/// Potjaman (Min Pecheya) is sent to live in Ban Sai Tong (Golden Sand House) upon her deceased father’s wishes. There she instantly feels unwelcomed by it’s residence, her second cousins the Sawangwongs. Her aunt, Mom Panarai and her youngest daughter Ying Lek hates Potj, while the eldest daughter Ying Yai is cold to her. However, she immediately bonds with the youngest son Chai Noi, who is crippled and his nanny(Nom Tip). There at the Ban Sai Tong, Potj is not looked upon as a relative and is ordered to work like a servant. She is sad and homesick, but bears the treatment because it is her father’s wishes that she finishes her education. One day while wondering around the grounds of Ban Sai Tong, Potj is frightened by an elderly servant, whom she thinks is a ghost. While running for her life, she trips and is caught by Chai Klang (Vee Veeraparb). His nick name “Chai Klang” means middle man/guy i

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