Battle Strike Team: Space Deleter

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After the conspiracy of the Hai nationality was crushed under the efforts of the giant gods and fighters , the earth once again restored peace in the past.

Then in 2016, to further explore the mysteries of the universe, the NSSA/National Space and Star Administration , a leading global technology company, held a game competition called the Stars Contest to find out who can control unmanned spacecraft. Elite Star Pilot.

Then at the same time, the space-breakers who had been active in the universe thousands of years ago also invaded the earth again, and used data and space signals as always to capture humans and transport them to all planets as slaves.

In order to prevent the loopholes in the plot, the former National Aerospace Engineering Board appointed our team to form the Space Delete Alliance , and found six elite contestants from the contest to give them Space equipment and remote control spacecraft to remove all the loopholes. (Delete) !

They are the new generation of guerrillas – ” Space Deleter “!

” Space Warfare Team is invincible! “

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