Beautiful Connection

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Beautiful Connection begins with the lives of a single – parent family, headed by a domineering and unreasonable mother (Zhu Mimi). The three daughters characters are very different as a result of their mother’s, Fatty Zhen, upbringing. Spoilt by Fatty Zhen, the youngest daughter, Ke Ke, is well – educated but arrogant. On the other hand, Ke Lian and Ke Li happiness have been short – changed to create more opportunities for their youngest sister. Despite this, both Ke Lian and Ke Li are able to adapt better to society, unlike Fatty Zhen and Ke Ke, whose attitude puts people off. Ke Lian eventually finds true love, while Ke Li finds happiness in with her own family and career. It is only in the face of an economic crisis that the arrogant Fatty Zhen and Ke Ke learn about humility and the importance of maintaining good human relationships. While ‘Beautiful Connection’ also reflects on the harsh realities and pressures of working life, it also shows that there will always be hope and warmth even during a depressing time such as an economic crisis.

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