Behind The Sin: The Series (2018)


When a series of celebrities. The “secret” world is worth the money. Luxury The success that came from young. I’m not sure if this is the case, But there are few people who will know that they will reach that point. What do you need to exchange? Some may only be private. Some people lose love. Some people use the body to exchange, but what they see is not as bad as some people can afford to even exchange life. To be in the spotlight.
The lead actor from the series The A-List, a popular series that hits. Under the image of young idols. They have some hidden black secret. And it would be kept secret. If not for Rain’s “suicide” decision, one of the actresses from the A-List series, one year passed. Rain’s ex-boyfriend, who has been raped by social media, is the cause of Rain’s suicide. Come back this season with six other friends, including Green, Kangaroo, TV, Pat, Taeyeon, and also a newcomer to the army in this season is the best and the best.
However, the calm sea is always the beginning of a storm. And this time too. The first day of work, they get what no one expected. That is to say the chat from the account of Rain. Everyone thinks that it’s a bully from someone. In the mind will also be afraid of the sentence Rain., prints “What do you do not realize that no one knows” is not just a threat. But it really does hurt.
The concern that their secrets are revealed begins to form. The chaos began to intensify, and notoriously. The feud between the performers begins to erupt and become impaired. As well as the suspicion that someone is wrong to impersonate Rain. And there is no reason to do so. Or actually Rain does not commit suicide … but someone deliberately let her die!

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