Blade Heart

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The Tong family was framed 20 years ago and sentenced to death for treason. Tong Bik (Liza Wang) escaped with her life although she lost her infant son. Her husband Ling Fung (Adam Cheng) was plucked from death by Cheung Sing, a eunuch, and sentenced to a life of servitude, serving the eunuch as a captain of the guards as Cheung Sing schemed to gain the emperor’s favor. Ling agreed to serve the eunuch so that he could remain in the capital to seek revenge
on the Szema family that he believed caused the Tong family’s downfall. He wears a mask to hide the tattoo that marks him as a death row convict.

When Tong Bik’s second husband dies she decides to take revenge against the Szema family by returning to the capital and setting up a weapons foundry to challenge the Szema family for business. She tries to win business by making a sword that can be used at a competition to show off the foundry’s abilities. She meets a young man Mang Lui (Raymond Lam), who has a crippled mother. He agrees to become the foundry’s swordsman in the competition.
Mang Lui and Tong Bik’s daughter Wong Yee (Shirley Yeung) fall in love, not knowing the unexpected tragedy that is about to hit them. Meanwhile, a famous doctor’s daughter, Tsun Wai (Mimi Lo) comes to try to heal Mang Lui’s mother and also falls for him.

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