Blue Lightning


Tony Leung Ka Fai and Danny Lee star in the 1990 police thriller Blue Lightning. A heady mix of murder mystery and compelling drama, the film is directed by Raymond Lee, who went on to make Dragon Inn and Swordsman III: East is Red in the following years. Tony Leung and Danny Lee portray cops with clashing personalities embroiled in a murder investigation. The film also co-stars Olivia Cheng, Lau Siu Ming, and talented child actor Huang Kun Hsuan.

When model Jody and her boyfriend are brutally murdered in their apartment, the case falls into the hands of Superintendent Chung (Tony Leung) and rookie cop Tit Nam (Cheng Wai Lun). With the help of alcoholic ex-husband Lam (Danny Lee), a former cop who left the force after divorce, they locate Jody’s ex-roommate Ellen (Olivia Cheng), but she refuses to cooperate. Lam and Chung are also having trouble cooperating with each other as they have very different investigating methods and frequently derail into argument. As they fumble for answers, the murderer moves in to silence Ellen.

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