Boku no Mahou Tsukai (2003)

Three years into their amorous marriage, Michio and Rumiko (affectionately nicknamed each other “Mittang” and “Rumitang”) continue to be the most lovey dovey couple in town. Mittang is swooped up by a major advertising agency, offered a lucrative chance to work overseas and seems to be heading for big-time success.
All that changes when he receives word that his wife was involved in a minor bicycle accident. That was enough to make Mittang quit his job to stay close to his one and only love, who after the accident, is no longer the same Rumitang he knew. His lovely wife exhibits phenomenal memory recall powers, but with one little glitch, cute Rumitang transforms into a craggy-faced, but well-known mnemonic specialist called Tamachi Kouji.
Luckily, the metamorphosis is only temporary. As the lovebirds begin working at an odd job business where they can be together 24/7, they encounter quirky characters like a two-timing secretary, a neighbor’s husband with a roving eye for the ladies, and deal with Mittang’s vertically-challenged father-in-law. As a result, they find themselves involved in even quirkier situations.

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