Born Into Loving Hands (2020)


Although Lin Huo Shi, the head of the Lin family, is the head of the family, his sister-in-law Cai Qin is in charge of all the affairs of the family. Although the eldest son Zheng Nan has ambitions, he has no real power. That night, the “auntie and daughter-in-law” of the Lin family gave birth at the same time. Ming Zhu was called to help and went through a life-and-death relationship together. Watching the delivery process of Liu Shu Zhuang, the most famous midwife in Qi Shan Town, Ming Zhu both admired and sighed. Writing: “If Ms. Shu Zhuang was there when my mother gave birth, my mother would not die!” Ming Zhu begged Shu Zhuang to accept her as a disciple. She wanted to become a midwife.

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