Boss and the Bird (2022)


In order to teach her daughter how to cherish, her mother told her a fairy tale about an unruly princess who turned into a bird:-
In a virtual city, Yun Xin is a rich girl who is doted on by thousands, but she lost both parents when she was young, and she made a princess is sick. In order to make her repent, the god who guarded her gave her a punishment: every time the sun went down, she would turn into a bird. To break the punishment, you must do three things within three months:
1. Show kindness, read and do good deeds,
2. Know how to be grateful and considerate of others,
3. Get the kiss of true love from a man.
Otherwise, she will be a bird forever.
In desperation, Yun Xin began to break the curse. Under the patient training of handsome president Tian Han, Yun Xin gradually got rid of all kinds of bad habits and became kind and hardworking. But time has passed, and the March period is coming to an end. Can Yun Xin get the kiss of true love from Tian Han and lift the punishment?

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