Boy and Girl (2003)

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This is a modern Cinderella story. Su La & Yan Ru Yu (Su La’s best friend) have graduated from Shanghai graduate university. The two are hopelessly in love with their careers. With the face of double stress, two good friends encourage each other and swear to go explore the world out of Shanghai. As they promise, the two came to work at the same travel agency. By chance, Su La meet the young successful CEO Qiu Shi. Qiu Shi is deeply attracted to Su La and starts to pursue her love. However, because of her strong self-esteem and the fact that she is still recovering from the last relationship, Su La is unwilling to accept Qiu Shi. She is determined to concentrate on helping her boss, Liu Hao Dong, to advance the first step into Shanghai tourism enterprise.

In the tense society and the work competition, Su La & Yan Ru Yu is struggling to make their ways, so the two choose two different paths. Yan Ru Yu violates the work ethics, betrays the travel agency and puts the blame on Su La, who then loses her job. Because of this, their friendship is broken and they separate from each other. Will Su La and Yan Ru Yu ever become friends again? And will Qui Shi succeed in making Su La fall for him in the end?

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