Bpom Ruk Roy Ardeed (ปมรัก รอยอดีต)

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The lakorn starts out with our pra’ek Tawan Chai (played by Win) rushing back to Thailand from England, after hearing that his grandfather and Uncle passed away in an accident. Tawan Chai believes he is the only living heir to his family fortune. After his uncle and grandfather’s funeral, the will was read. Tawan Chai is surprise to discovered that he’s not the only heir and he might have to share his inheritance with a mystery person.

He learned from the Will manager about his uncle’s past. His uncle used to have a greedy wife, Wannaa. Wannaa started out as a servant in the Simandtraa household. Then, she seduced Tawan’s uncle and upped her status to Mistress of the house. Apparently Wannaa was a total bitch and drove the uncle crazy. When Tawan’s grandfather saw that his son was in distress, he decided to send his son aboard. Before he left, Tawan’s uncle discovered that Wannaa was pregnant. When the uncle came back to Thailand, Tawan’s grandfather told him that his wife ran off with a guy. Though his wife drove him crazy, the uncle still loved her and was deeply depressed over her departure. He remained single for the rest of his life.

Fast-forward a couple years later, Wannaa is a middle age woman with 3 kids. Her oldest daughter is Torfan, a very street smart young woman with a heart of gold. Wannaa second oldest is Woonsen, a spoiled teenage girl who loves to dress provocatively to attract men. Look Chin is the only boy and the youngest in the family. Woonsen and Look Chin have the same father, while Torfan is fathered by a “mystery” man.

In the family, Torfan is the only person trying to make money to support the family. Wannaa is still the nasty and greedy woman of her earlier years. She makes Torfan handle all the family affairs and lazy around.

Torfan is forced to work odd jobs and swindle people in order to put food on the table. One day, she meets up with Tawan Chai and his gf Nok-Yoong. She ran in front of their car and pretended that they hit her. Tawan didn’t buy it. Realizing that her cover was blown, she screamed and acted her way out of it. From this moment on, Tawan Chai develops a negative impression of Torfan.

On day, the Simandtraa family representive found Wannaa and informed her about the Will. Without hesitation, Wannaa tells them that Torfan is the long lost grandchild. Torfan knows that is not but decides to go along with it because she needed the money. She needs the money to support her family and pay for school tutition for herself and her little brother.

Torfan and her family moves into the Simandtraa mansion and Tawan is not too happy about it.
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