Buang Barp

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Suphanburi, Rattanakosin, 116 or 2441 Buddhamonthon in the reign of Rama V (Radetmaitri), has been a feudal and all property, including its a slave to a single son is the warlord (theory of the United Kingdom) and ordered that the king will live under good principles. Khun Pi Oath Suddenly the lightning is down as a witness. The Radetmaitri is a peaceful, but it died in the Lord of Tung Manee. The wife is back with a valley. I know that it is really good to have a son to remove the job. The living life of the day, but the past is in the frame, because of his father’s legitimacy and the truth, as the Empress Manikangwon.
After the Radetmaitri the funeral of the drug was not long. Khun Pi was living a full life of happiness in five places. Droppin’ also misappropriation the government without listening to the warning of the empress, all the events are under the eyes of the royal capital. The former slave in the radetmaitri of the drug was redeemed by the NRCT. The instructor strives to make a way to warn. It is seen in the vision that the king will be living for a long time, but the king escort did not listen. It is not to be more than a king. Continue to follow in snare.

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