Bunshinsaba (2012)

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After five years of working on it, writer Xiao Ai (Mei Ting) has her horror novel rejected by her patient publisher (Ma Shuliang). She also hears that her ex-husband, Qi Kun (Wu Chao), who was imprisoned for domestic violence, has been released and is looking for her and their asthmatic young son Xiao Xin (Zhu Jiangdi). A doctor friend, Yinan (Guo Jingfei), offers them an old, remote house so she can work peacefully. But unexplainable events begin to happen when Xiao Ai finds some faded photos of a young woman and her child whose faces have been cut out and decides to use them for inspiration. Although the movie has the same director and name as the 2004 South Korean horror, it is not a remake. [filmbizasia]

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