Buried City to Shut All Lights S2

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A sad and painstaking love story between a teacher and student as it follows the heroine and her plot for revenge.

Official Ji sent his daughter Qiyue to learn the arts under the guidance of the Chu Family’s second son. Qiyue changes her name to Yiluo (Helan Dou). The second son Chu Che (Feng Lijun) is a beautiful young man with an arrogant demeanor. Because of a mysterious illness, he lives in seclusion unwilling to see visitors.

Unable to tolerate her master’s cold shoulder, Yiluo repeatedly tries to escape and gets punished every time she gets caught. Through their time together, Yiluo learns about an accident five years ago that turned her master into a different person. She also learns that her clan has been massacred and that her father had his reasons for sending her away to assume another identity. Thereafter, she starts on a road to avenge her family.

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