Candy Rain

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Director Chen Hung-I’s Candy Rain could be the most perfectly titled film ever. Like candy, the film is sweet and tasty in small doses. However, too much is probably bad for you, and prolonged exposure would definitely lead to cavities. Also, the film’s obvious meaning falls unavoidably like rain, and even an umbrella won’t fully protect you. The best thing: staying indoors and avoiding it entirely. And it’s time to stop the cheesy metaphors because they’re strained and more than a little annoying. Oddly, “strained and more than a little annoying” could apply to Candy Rain too. Funny how that works out.
An omnibus film about four lesbian relationships, Candy Rain leads off with a tale of two old friends (Grace Chen and Belle Hsin), who are tested by their burgeoning lesbian relationship. They sleep together and bask in each other’s company, but minor differences get in the way of a smooth ride to happily ever after, leading to an inevitable break up and a possible make up. Story two centers on an OCD-suffering introvert (Sandrine Pinna) who works as a chef and meets possible partners online. Her new girl is a forward older woman (Waa, doing her best Bai Ling impression), and the two manage some semblance of relationship progression before clashing personalities – and one partner’s irrational need for loneliness – gets in the way of extended bliss.

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