In 100 career wins is female, she must want to marry a man of 100, therefore, has been to thirty-five or a “older woman left,” in fact, home to eight originally had a boyfriend exchanges chime (谢祖武 ornaments), however, was the company chime assignment to Beijing branch, and home to the assignment before the Beijing Zhong, Zhong want to give her a hand in hand to spend a lifetime commitment, but as one in love with the cause of the chime but he rejected the family should be, they therefore embarked on the way to break up.
Home to know their own older age, has no wasted capital, therefore, after finishing up their mood, began to actively help their blind date arranged, her friends asked her curiously, with her condition, why should blind ? She is what has to answer, he said: “Now blind date can also picky object, but a few years is that people pick me up!” Masters should blind to number sixty-second blind date, her “Mr. Right” finally appears, because, number sixty-second blind date FORCES (Li ornaments positive) regardless of looks, taste and even body meets the standard, home to the spouse, however, as a Capricorn woman home to, mate has been very rational, right time met the right people, they will not easily let go ……
“? Love came, why the past has come back,” Shijie engagement with legitimate home to after Beijing Zhong never transferred back to Taiwan, and the family should be said: “! He now or forget her.”
And this time, Shijie the dead ex-girlfriend’s sister Xupei Wen (Wang Cheng Yan ornaments) to act as the “Little Three” role between chaos 入士杰 and home to, because after her sister died from Pei Wen, has been in love with disabilities Jay, but Shijie has always viewed her as a sister, but was told Shijie Pei Wen said: “She wants to be not just sister ……”
“Well good agreement, in the end can not come true?”, Home to eventually choose a new love Shijie? Chime or old love? As my sister has been Shijie Pei Wen, how will destroy his happiness with mischief, home to the? ‘Wedding plans keep up with changes again. “” Victory woman to be married “in preparation with Shijie home to get married, in the face of old love chime, and want to get involved with Shijie under her feelings Pei Wen variables, opened prelude……

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