On the day that a new police chief takes office at Kitamachi Police Precinct, the precinct personnel are preparing for his welcome party. At that same moment, a bus is hijacked by a man. Rookie detective Aikawa Minori is kicked out by a passenger as she tries to board the bus. She goes after the bus in a taxi but it heads straight for Kitamachi Police Precinct for some strange reason and the criminal turns himself. Minori arrests the passenger who kicked her out for obstructing her from performing her duty. But this man whom she has put handcuffs on is the new police chief, Toyama Kinshiro. Toyama had sensed the crime beforehand from the man’s personal belongings, persuaded the criminal to turn himself in and made the bus pull over at the police precinct. In his first speech as police chief, Toyama stresses that the police are on the side of the citizens. He treats the detectives as well as deputy police chief Handa Junji casually without the air of an elite career officer and this behaviour bewilders them. However, Minami Yozo and other non-career detectives who have worked their way up the ranks do not like him. Meanwhile, a series of robbery-murder cases occur. The detective pursue Taniguchi, the criminal on the wanted list. Taniguchi is on the run with 100 million yen in cash. Toyama drops by the Criminal Affairs Division and suggests that they investigate the first report of graffiti because his instinct tells him that it is connected to the wanted criminal. However, Minami says there is no need for him to interfere in crime scenes and turns a deaf ear. And so, Toyama takes off his uniform and goes out into the streets in casual wear. He starts to investigate the graffiti, but it is erased. Minori cannot hide her frustration at being excluded from investigating the wanted criminal and ordered to be Toyama’s attendant. Then they learn about an unexpected message hidden in the graffiti on the streets as they pursue the culprit. Toyama is an eccentric but compassionate man who saves citizens who have no voice, regardless of the type and size of the cases. He believes the police should be close to the citizens and make the streets crime-free. When there is a case that interests him, he must personally go to the crime scene to see everything for himself. No one will realise that he is the police chief because of his clothes. Toyama does not see things from the viewpoint of his detectives, but picks out clues to solve the case from seemingly irrelevant, unexpected things. However, his investigations which do not fit in with the conventional wisdom of crime scenes, are not welcomed by his detectives and their antagonism only gets deeper … …

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