Cell Phone (2010)

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A story that follows the host of a popular TV show. Because the old GM has retired, Yan Shouyi loses his biggest supporter and faces the pressures from the new GM who only cares about ratings.

Television host Yan Shouyi (Wang Zhiwen) and producer Fei Mo (Chen Daoming) have been racking their brains to find a way to increase ratings for the show without sacrificing their style. In the face of corporate politics that is difficult to navigate, Yan Shouyi’s love life is equally complicated. Yan Shouyi forms a unique relationship with publishing house editor Wu Yue (Yu Mingjia) while his wife Yu Wenjuan (Mei Ting) demands a divorce. Yan Shouyi also meets the cheerful dialog coach Shen Xue (Ke Lan) and they become mutually attracted to each other.

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