Chaat Payak

This lakorn takes place in the historical Rattanakosin Kingdom, towards the latter half of the era during the reign of Rama V (Chulalongkorn).
In the midst of this era, slavery is in the process of being abolished and our hero’s story, Glaa, begins in this moment in time. Young Glaa is the son of a soldier, however after his father lost his life in a battle, his mother was forced into slavery. Their master wanted her to be his concubine, but she refuses and plots for her son to escape this predicament. Glaa successfully escapes and finds his body floating to Khun Luang Phra Pisoot’s humble abode. From there his life changes, and he has not seen his mother since. But Glaa vows to save his mother one day, become a person who is respected and honored as she had instilled in him.
Khun Luang Phra Pisoot takes pity on Young Glaa and raises him as one of the servants in his household. Glaa grows up with Khun Ploy (his boss’ only daughter) and the two are kindred spirits. Their bond is stronger than a friendship as the years go on, Glaa will and would do anything for Khun Ploy.
The story revolves around Glaa fighting his way to gain respect, honor and everything he has lost the moment he was branded a slave. This hero’s road is nothing short of impossible, filled with obstacles. But where there’s a will as brave as Glaa’s, there’s certainly a way.

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