Chronicles of The Shadow Swordsman (1985)

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Hong Kong television greats Damian Lau and Michelle Yim star in the 1985 ATV wuxia drama Chronicles of the Shadow Swordsman. Based on Liang Yusheng’s same-titled novel, this classic 25-episode series sees Damian Lau in the role he does best, the dashing chivalrous swordsman. Co-starring Ngok Wah and Ban Ban, Chronicles of the Shadow Swordsman enthralls with an old-school blend of romantic wuxia, swordplay action, and Ming history.

A descendant of general Zhang Shi Cheng who was betrayed and killed by Ming Dynasty founder Zhu Yuan Zhang, hot-blooded young swordsman Zhang Dan Feng (Damian Lau) grew up in the northern steppes, with his father serving as an official for the Mongol Dörben Oirat. Zhang’s father hopes to use Oirat power to recover the Ming throne for the Zhangs, but the Oirat chancellor has designs of his own for the Central Kingdom. Seeing through to the conspiracy, Zhang Dan Feng defies the Oirat to help defend the Ming Dynasty and the Han Chinese people, but his actions cause him to be hunted by both the Oirat and the Ming courts. His mysterious origin also raises alarm in the martial arts world. While wandering through the Central Kingdom and fending off numerous dangerous brushes, Zhang Dan Feng crosses stars with bright and beautiful swordswoman Yun Lei (Michelle Yim), beginning a love-hate relationship tested by the previous generation’s grudges and the fate of the empire.

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