Cross Mountains And Seas (2021)

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Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the story follows Wu Xiaohao and He Chengshou as they represent the party’s township cadres who work hard to implement the strategy of rural revitalization to lead the masses out of poverty. They are committed to changing the face of the countryside while demonstrating the determination of grassroots cadres through their actions.

Wu Xiaohao who was in charge of the cultural and historical work in her district was unwilling to live a plainly, so she applied for the position of deputy mayor at Kaipo Town, Jiaodong Peninsula. It was only after she takes office that she realizes that the wide gap between the ideal life and reality. The different challenges at her new post catches Wu Xiaohao by surprise which leads to many laughable situations. However, her sincerity, perseverance and courage deeply inspires the mayor He Chengshou whose work methods are simple yet effective.

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