The supporting cast lineup of FujiTV Winter 2017 drama “Daibinbou” starring Koyuki has been announced. The human comedy drama which is an original story and begins its run from 8 January 2017 in the Sundays 9pm timeslot, features Koyuki as a single mother Nanakusa Yuzuko who struggles against the irrationalities regarding money, power and love happening around her while Ito Atsushi plays her “buddy” Kakihara Shinichi who is an elite lawyer.

Narita Ryo will play Kase Haruki, a capable salesman who has been working for three years in the human resources company Dimensions Of Humanity (DOH) which is also where Yuzuko works at. Despite being young, Kase is street-smart and knows about the dark sides of human nature. He joins forces with Yuzuko and Kakihara to find out the truth behind DOH’s bankruptcy.

Johnny’s WEST member Kamiyama Tomohiro plays a newbie lawyer Kogure Yuuto who works at Kakihara’s law firm and is hardworking and serious. His interaction with Kakihara will provide comedic relief in the story.

Takito Kenichi will play DOH’s accounting department’s manager Asaoka Reiji who is quiet and even uses honoriffics with his subordinates thus has the reputation of being a gentleman in the company. He knows everything about the company since it was established and has an unknown side to others.

Okuda Eiji plays Tenma Toshiaki who is the president of DOH and is the benefactor of Yuzuko since he was the one who made it easier for her to work, given her single mother status. However, with the declaration of DOH’s bankruptcy which is due to an incident, he becomes despondent about life.

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