Dangerous Mind (2006)

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Xie Zheng Jie is a senior at Taipei Municipal Li Ren Junior High School. He has to take the national senior high school entrance exams in the near future. One day, a school inspector from Taipei Education Bureau abruptly goes to Li Ren and tells them that there is a report on Mr. Zhan, a math teacher in Li Ren Junior High, who uses the music class period to give students math exams. After hearing receiving this news, Mr. Zhan is very angry.

Later, he finds out that those letters were sent by Shen Wei, a student in his class. Hence, Sheng Wei is forced to transfer to another class. After Jay refuses to participate in Mr. Zhan’s cram school after school, he is forced by Mr. Zhan to move his desk to the hallway outside and participate in the class from the hallway all day long because he reads comic books during class. Mr. Zhan calls to Jay’s mother, wanting her to come to school and deal with the problem, but he humiliates Jay’s mother in front of Jay.

Jay loses his temper and shoves Mr. Zhan which causes a small physical altercation between the two. The school gives Jay a harsh warning, which is comparable to a three-strikes-your-out type of punishment. Jay and his mother disagree on the warning and this leads to a conflict between Jay’s family and the school. At the same time, Jay’s parents face the problem of divorce. Jay is also given the elbow by other students. All of these consecutive incidents cause Jay to think of the real meaning in the daily routine-taking tests, going to cram school, studying hard, and what he really needs in his future life

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