Dao Jarut Fah (2018)

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The plot of “Dao Jarut Fah” centers around two feuding likay (folk opera) bands: Sao Noi Phet Baan Paeng and the Nu Paan Wiset Sin. Dao and Fah are two sisters from the “Sao Noi Phet Baan Paeng” likay band, their father Ken is the owner. One day, Ken collapses on stage and falls ill. He was overwhelmed by the fact that his shows were being sabotaged by Busaba, owner of the “Nu Paan Wiset Sin” band. Busaba hired men to cause havoc and lure audiences away from the “Sao Noi Phet Baan Paeng” shows. After shortly falling ill, Ken dies. Dao blames Busaba and her band for her father’s death and decides to go undercover to get revenge. She auditioned to be the new singer for the “Nu Paan Wiset Sin” band. Dao impressed them with her lovely voice and they gave her the leading nang’ek role. During her 1 month stay with the “Nu Paan Wiset Sin” band, Dao falls in love with Pon, the band’s leader. They develop a close relationship. For that 1 month, Dao trains hard in singing and acting for the “Nu Paan Wiset Sin” band. Then comes the likay competition night, Dao ditches the “Nu Paan Wiset Sin” band, leaving them without a singer and sings for her band, the “Sao Noi Phet Baan Paeng”. Pon is devastated when he learns the truth. Before the competiton, he confessed his love for her. Pon starts seeing Fah, Dao’s older sister to hurt Dao for deceiving him and his bandmates. After the competition, Dao and Pon became enemies.

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