Dhevaprom: Kwanruetai (2024)

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A doctor from a noble family and a girl with an unrevealed past—will they ever fall in love amidst a fight against drug trafficking? Kind, generous and hardworking Kwanruetai is the daughter of M.L Maratee Dhevaprom, whose whole being is in earnest for her mother’s love and approval. She meets young military doctor—Major Dr. M.L Chatklao Juthathep, while on duty in the northern province of Thailand where they are caught in the throes of danger due to gangs and drug wars. Chatklao falls in love with Kwanruetai but she is conflicted given their families’ long-standing estrangement. Her mother is dead-set against Kwanruetai’s romance with Chatklao as his father M.R. Phutthiphat had humiliated her when he broke off their betrothal for another woman. Will Kwanruetai listen to her heart; or are the Juthatheps and Dhevaproms just not meant to be together?

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