Do not call my brother

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韩子辉 and TONG Hai Tao brothers, both of whom fell in love with the same girl Ye Xiaoxiao, they want and 叶晓晓 admitted to the same university, but at the entrance, but two people have to get the job. Hanzi Hui suffered misfortune at home, his father died in a car accident, the burden of raising a family all the pressure on his shoulders. TONG Hai Tao parents want son of promise, did not like him in a day with Hanzi Hui Scrapped, delay future. Exploit an opportunity Bureau TONG Hai Tao Tong home forcibly taken to set up Hong Kong, which caused a deep misunderstanding between TONG Hai Tao and 叶晓晓. Hanzi Hui Ye Xiaoxiao love to win, but let’s Luo crush on him very sad. Luo between 韩子辉 and 叶晓晓 create conflicts, making Ye Xiaoxiao sad to leave, Luo swoop. Just as it was about to be married 韩子辉 and Luo, Han Zihui discovered the truth of the matter. Hanzi Hui Ye Xiaoxiao found, they clear all the hatchet Wang Louzhi, one pair of lovers get married.

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