Doctor K

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Mysterious intern neurosurgeon Dr. Kang saves three young patients, even though the surgeries should not have saved the patients. Chief physician Dr. Lee becomes skeptical of the results, so he sends videotapes of the surgery to America for analysis.
Dr. Lee’s niece, who is an anesthesiologist, Dr. Pyo Ji Soo has strong feelings for Ji Min but keeps it to herself.
One day, Oh Sae Yun suffers from a brain tumour and is admitted to the hospital. Sae Yun becomes involved in a hostage situation in the hospital, in which Dr. Ji Min saves her. Since that time, Sae Yun becomes interested in Dr. Kang.
Sae Yun follows Dr. Kang, who leaves the hospital late at night, and discovers Dr. Kang’s secret. Sae Yun, on the condition of keeping quiet about Dr. Kang’s secret, starts to date Dr. Kang.
With the outcome of the tape analysis from America, Dr. Pyo discovers that Dr. Kang treats patients with his energy. The spirit of Dr. Kang’s mother then askes Dr. Pyo to take care of her son.

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