Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine


At the beginning of the 20th century, Weng Quanhai, a descendant of the famous ‘Menghe Medical School’, draws on the strengths of all the medical schools to protect and develop Traditional Chinese Medicine. As he leaves his hometown for Shanghai to embark on his inherited career. After some turbulent twists and turns, he eventually becomes a famous doctor in Shanghai with noble medical ethics and exquisite medical skills. His celebrated path takes a severe turn when in 1929, the National Government passes a Repeal Act on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Weng Quanhai, furious about this legislative ban is subsequently elected as the representative of all Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors to protest the Act. His reputation and fame grow even further. But transformation is ever present. Facing the fall of Shanghai, Weng Quanhai actively participates in the anti-Japanese war, making ever greater contribution to the protection of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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