Don’t Forget Me

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A man reports a missing person to the police. It turns out that the man is searching for himself, more specifically, his memory and identity that he has lost due to a car accident. Seok-won has lost his memory of the past ten years and is unable to recognize his families and friends. He also feels alienated from himself in the world that feels strange and disconnected. One day at a hospital, Seok-won meets a woman, Jin-young, who starts to cry at the sight of him. He feels inexplicable connection to Jin-young, and spending time with her brings joy and light to his life that felt bleak and meaningless without memories to dwell upon and someone to love. However, there is a hint of anxiety in the eye of Jin-young as she looks at Seok-won who is trying hard to recover his memories. As Seok-won gathers and puts together fragments of broken memories, he gradually uncovers the truth behind his past relationship with Jin-young.

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