Double Tone


Nakano Yumi, a single career woman who works at a small advertising agency, and Tamura Yumi, a housewife weary of married life, are complete strangers and yet they see each other’s lives with unsettling clarity in their dreams each night. Before long, their destinies start to become intertwined. One day, Nakano Yumi meets Tamura Yumi’s friend Arinuma Ikuko in real life. Furthermore, Ikuko introduces her to Tamura Yumi’s husband Yohei as a potential date. She had only seen the two of them in her dreams, and finds herself feeling disoriented. She begins to wonder if what she has been seeing are precognitive dreams. And yet it somehow seems different. The situation grows more bizarre for her when Yohei, whom she knows is married to Tamura Yumi, asks her out to dinner. Meanwhile, Tamura Yumi, who is troubled that her husband may be cheating on her, sees Nakano Yumi hear a traumatic truth from Ikuko in her dream … … She died two years ago! Worrying that this might portend the future, she goes in search of the advertising agency which appeared in the dream. Although she does not know Nakano Yumi’s whereabouts, she confirms the existence of the advertising agency and Nakano Yumi’s boss. Then she tries to send a message through to Nakano Yumi with the request to find out when and how she died … … Startling situations occur in quick succession, and the two Yumis are seized with a fear beyond words.

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