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Cyd (Bea Alonzo) is a hopeless romantic who dreams of meeting her “Mr. Dreamboy”. She works as a salesgirl at a supermarket and spends her spare time reading romantic novels.

One day she meets Philip (Piolo), the arrogant and handsome person who owns the store that she works in. Cyd thought that he was her true love but was confronted by not belonging in his glamorous world.

From out of nowhere Cyd meets Eboy (Piolo) who saved her from a snatch-thief and has an uncanny resemblance to Philip. Cyd starts falling for him but felt betrayed upon learning his past.

While trying to erase Philip and Eboy from her memory, Cyd meets Jaime (Piolo), who also looks like Philip. Again Cyd starts to fall in love with her dreamboy.

Cyd thinks that she’s finally found her one true love, but one day she finds out everything was just a set-up. He explains everything to her and tells her that he really loved her the whole time. She forgives him, and the movie ends on that note.

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