Drunken Hero (2002)

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Wen Tian and Wan Xin are the sons of the Emperor Jian Wen of the Ming dynasty. They were separated at birth when the emperor’s uncle, Zhu Di, launched a coup to seize the throne from his nephew. In the midst of the chaos, Wan Xin was taken away by the eunuch Chu Tian Xing, who serves Zhu Di, while Wen Tian was delivered to safety by the bodyguards.

Wen Tian was raised by Mi Jiu Tou, one of the bodyguards, and he grows up to become a gregarious martial artist who values friendship and righteousness. On the other hand, Wan Xin, who was raised as Chu Tian Xing’s godson, develops a cruel, cold and power-hungry personality under the influence of his evil godfather.

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