DTC Yukemuri Junjo-hen from HiGH&LOW

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Dan, Tettsu and Chiharu (DTC) were exhausted after all those exciting days. Yet what awaits them is an extremely boring life.
In order to seek for excitement and youth (and girls), the trio goes on a motorcycle trip without a specific destination.
But they soon spend all their money and have to do part-time jobs in a hotel at the hot spring resort…
There, they meet the young proprietress Mari and her only daughter Megumi.
Chiharu grows fond of Mari who takes care of her daughter and runs the hotel alone after her husband died.
However, Chiharu knows that Mari and the head-clerk Miyazaki are attracted to each other.
To help the two who cannot get married because of her daughter, the trio decides to carry out a certain plan with the assistance from their friends the Tatebue Brothers as well as SMG and Daruma Babies who used to be rivals!
What is the end of DTC’s unbelievable pure trip…?

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