Eight Taels Of Gold

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Ten years after illegally immigrating to America, Slim (Sammo Hung) returns to China to find his family. But he finds that his country has changed beyond recognition, and that he needs the help of a woman and her brother to find his way home.
Acclaimed at film festivals the world over, Mabel Cheung’s followup to An Autumn’s Tale is a bittersweet comedy about the joys and sorrows of a homecoming. “Slim” Cheng (Samo Hung) fled from South China to the U.S.A. during the Cultural Revolution. Now he returns from New York to find his family. Guided by an old aquaintence, his journey is full of mishaps and misunderstandings. Despite everything, he begins to enjoy her company. His changing feelings come into focus when they arrive and he faces a family he now barely recognizes. But fate still has tricks to play on him.

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