Entangling Love in Shanghai (2010)

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In 1941, the mainland China was torn by war and Shanghai was fallen into enemy’s occupation. Xue’er and her family moved to a concession. The needy and difficult life there had eaten up the courage and conscience of Gui Ting, Xue’er’s husband, so he left his wife and child, and made up with his old girlfriend Liao Wanzhen who was born into a rich family.
All hope was gone; Xue’er was about to commit suicide when Bai Lang saved her and introduced her to the entertainment world. Qiao Xiannong, a Shanghai magnate, was determined to win the heart of the beautiful and famous Xue’er; while Xue’er wanted to take back her son by taking advantage of Qiao’s power. Unexpectedly, her son fell down from the building and died, which is a grave blow for Xue’er. So she started a relationship with Qiao, aiming to retaliate against Gui by the aid of Qiao’s wealth and power.
In order to win back Xue’er, Bai agreed to Wang Jianguo’s offer of assuming the chief of investigation bureau in the puppet government. After efforts and hardship, Bai finally won back Xue’er and married her.
However, Qiao, who still desired Xue’er, instigated and assisted Xue’er to take revenge on Gui. After all, Xue’er was kind in essence. With Bai’s timely warning, she realized and corrected her errors. She gave up the notion of retaliation and wanted to lead a happy life with Bai.
Seeing clear Wang’s intent, Bai was bitterly regretted. In order to save Bai, Xue’er sold her body and committed suicide by taking poisons.

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