Evil Spider (2023)

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The leaders of righteousness and evil, the Long Sect and Yi Sect, engage in a decisive battle at the summit of Kunlun. Yi Men is annihilated, and the leader of Long Sect, Lang Yan, establishes the Dragon Sparrow Guard organization to ensure peace in the region. In the blink of an eye, twelve years later, Long Sect faces an attack from spiders, and Lang Yan is poisoned, plunging the entire city into danger. The leaders of the Dragon Sparrow Guard, Fang Yuan and the Saintess Ji Xin Ye, set off to the Demon Market to find the divine doctor Zhang Lian Hua. The three of them endure numerous hardships and successfully unravel the conspiracy of the remaining members of Yi Men who seek to disrupt the peace of the city. They engage in a final battle with the Soul-Eating Spider…
~~ Adapted from the web novel “Da Tang Long Que Wei”

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