Eyes of Ghost


Photographer traveled, a bored waiting for Victoria over the pictures, look at their own microblogging, microblogging forwarded some friends woman suicide sentimentalism news. Then a towel around Victoria ran. Traveled: beauty, quickly ah, another swimsuit so long, finished we call it a day! Victoria shilly Lie Lie embarrassed removed the towel. Sandy beach, wearing a bikini swimsuit Victoria eyes closed quietly lying on the beach, traveling by hand sand spilled on her body, and traveling: you afraid of ghosts it? Victoria: definitely afraid of you, do not give me the big night, ghost story, or I will tell my boss that you bully me! Traveled: I heard that tonight there are a girl for Love jumped into the sea, to save a fisherman, who has not seen it! Victoria a little afraid to say: Oh, no, how the recent emergence of such a thing! Having deliberately looked the sea next! Traveled: Do not worry, here I am at it, look at my brother’s sake, I’ll protect you! Gradually sand Victoria’s body buried. From her chest dramatic ups and downs, you can see her shortness of breath. Traveled around to pick up the camera, shot against Victoria. Kacha soon – Black from Herod

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