Fall in Love with You Before Falling in Love (2021)

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Su Wan Yan, the eldest of the Su Group, caught her fiancé and step-sister having an affair at the wedding. She was angry and chose Qin Tian Ling, the president of the Qin family, who came to the wedding banquet as her new husband. It turned out that Su Wan Yan found out that her father had caused the car accident which resulted in the death of her biological mother three years ago, so she chose Qin Tian Ling as her revenge tool. Before the wedding banquet, Su Wan Yan exchanged her own shares in the Su Group and asked Qin Tian Ling to help herself acquire the Su Group. When she wanted to transfer the shares after the wedding banquet, she accidentally discovered that she had entrusted the shares to her ex-boyfriend, Mo Qin, and Su Yu Yan had to find her ex-boyfriend in private. Until one day she discovered that the so-called Mo Qin was Qin Tian Ling, and everything was Qin Tian Ling’s love trap. She had fallen in love with him long before she met him.

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