Falling Down (2015)

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When the night bus passed through the steep mountain road, it accidentally lost control and flew out of the cliff. At the moment when life was hanging by a thread, something strange happened-time suddenly stopped, and the bus was suspended in the air, motionless. In the still world, only Qu Xiaowan and Liu Xin move freely. It turns out that both of them are triggered and activated obsessives. They possess extraordinary abilities, which are called obsessive powers in the alliance. Liu Xin has the ability to read the mind, while Qu Xiaowan can pause time. A crisis ensued, and the two were suddenly chased by themselves from the future, and rescued by a mysterious man who claimed to be Kong Yuan, and got a future pocket watch that could travel through time and space… strange events came one after another. Si Liuxin, a poor female dick, was forced to embark on the twists and turns and mysterious escape together with her tall and tall imperial sister Qu Xiaowan

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