Fanatic Love (2016)


Song Chen Yue has been in love with his best friend Su Yi since high school. However, his feelings are not reciprocated since Su Yi is madly in love with a classmate, Bai Yu, but his love for the boy is also an unrequited one. Tired of seeing the person he loves suffering, Chen Yue makes a deal with Bai Yu in order to make him agree to go out with Su Yi, offering him money to pay for the medical costs of his sick mother. Unable to refuse the offer, Bai Yu starts a relationship with Su Yi based on lies. Shortly after, Bai Yu disappears without giving any explanation. Three years later, Bai Yu reappears and Su Yi tries to resume his relationship with him, much to the chagrin of Chen Yue, who has not yet managed to confess his feelings for his friend. Meanwhile, Chen Yue’s younger sister plans with the help of Bai Yu to have her brother confess to Su Yi by having them participate in a new virtual reality game called “Fanatic”, which was being developed by her company.

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