6 horror stories, each 2 episodes long. I was only able to find a synopsis for the first two stories.

The Midnight Cheerleader – Aya had become trapped within the mediocrity of her own life, she was the worst member of the cheer squad, and the boy she had a crush on wasn’t even glancing at her. However her fortunes would soon change when she found the mirror; and it would be within the mirror that she would find the realization of her greatest dreams, and darkest fears.

Always Together- It haunts her, talks to her, hurts her, and it will soon take the both of them. Miki’s life was full of laughter until she found a new roommate, one with a strange companion; an antique doll. Soon enough, the laughter that once filled Miki’s life will be dulled out by something more sinister. Will Miki’s fate be forever intertwined with that of the doll? Or can her friends save her before it’s too late? (Taken from Amazon).

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