Fen Jiong


City girl Gu Gu Liao terraced rice paddies affected brother and boyfriend 梁宇涵 music, and added to the “test bowl family” among the ranks, hope to win public examination with his own happiness in the future. In preparing for the public examination of the day, she saw her boyfriend to do anything, climbing on 刘梦洁 officials mother, the two feelings lopsided. At the same time, his family was in a car accident due to superior Luo Xiaochun appear in terraced rice paddies of life, silently waiting to make his terraced rice paddies greatly moved. Experienced boyfriend’s betrayal, after the mother rescued, brother of growth and a series of spiritual baptism, terraced rice paddies and finally understand the need to do anything, and a strong sense of responsibility to serve the people. For the test bowl, she more of a self-examination, repeatedly asked myself: to serve the people, are you ready?

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