Flowers Bloom In Winter (2015)

Two girls of similar faces walked into Ying Hao Dong’s life one after the other. The former, like her name, the Epiphyllum flower, withered in a turn of events. The former, also similar to her name, the Jasmine flower, warmed Ying Hao Dong’s heart. 18-year-old Lan Su Xin, while seeking employment, met Ying Hao Dong who was mentally devastated after the death of his girlfriend. Lan Su Xin, after becoming Hao Dong’s caregiver, suffered many obstacles from family and friends. However, she was able to maintain a sunny disposition and defused it all. Under the efforts of Su Xin and Hao Dong’s mother, Hao Dong’s memory slowly comes back. The mystery surrounding Hao Dong’s accident and the death of his girlfriend slowly unfolds

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