Fog of Crisis

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A story that follows a progressive who overcomes many dangers in his fight for his country and ultimately becomes a member of the Communist party.
In the year 1930’s, Xiong Baoshan, the leader of the underworld gang who controls all the waterways in Shanghai, exhausts all of his resources to make a final stand against the Japanese. Before he can succeed, he is assassinated in his own home. His son-in-law Chen Lei gets injured and his daughter Xiong Huiming is forced to flee from Shanghai while carrying their child.
Chen Lei suspects Sun Benli to be the culprit due to his connections with the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and has no choice but to side with police superintendent Zeng Rulong who has been a longtime enemy of the Xiong Family to achieve his goals. Xiong Huiming mistakes Chen Lei’s actions as a betrayal of trust and climbs to the position of gang leader. Can they unite against their enemies?

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